21 September 2012

I'm not the ONE to judge you that way

Selamat pagi wahai hamba-hamba ALLAH sekalian..pagi ini emosi saya agak kacau..mana tidak nya..tension dengan laptop&juga assignment yang banyak macam gunung..dalam keadaan laptop yang berada dalam keadaan yang agak tidak menyelesakan,macam mana nak siapkan assignment?betul-betul mengganggu emosi..

Lets sharing my story..

Actually are there any tools to measure the level of KESOMBONGAN?how to measure it?can we measure it?we should ask our self what is SOMBONG actually..i ever heard that someone said that SOMBONG refer to the person that we knew& then that person make us like a STRANGER..that person we can assumed as SOMBONG..

I ever have experience faced with person that SOMBONG..but should i judge that person that way?i ever posted in FB,"i'm not the ONE to judge you that way"..why i posted like that?there must be reason,right?yes,i've my own reason..

I knew that person..although i doesn't knew that person too much but i knew him..although we aren't too close to each other but we ever knew..but why that person BUAT DEK when i sent message to him or her?what is his or her reason?is it because i'm not popular or famous?or because i'm not pretty?i dunno what is his or her reason..never mind..

I'm not the ONE to judge you that way..only ALLAH knows..

Hopefully you won't be like that person..please be kind to all shaa ALLAH that person will treat you nicely..


I'm back

Lets start my second blog with Bismillah..thank to Allah because I still live until this moment..actually i ever have blog before this..but i have deleted that one because i thought that i have no idea to update on what topic..that one of my reasons..another reason is i thought that i wanted to focus to my study as this is my final year..although at the beginning i wanted to focus to my study,i think i'm not really focus to my study..huhu..hopefully i can stick to what i have promise to my self..before that i would like to apologize if my English is bad..i'm just wanna practice to talk and write in English..i just want to improve my English..well,my university is using it's better if i practice to talk and write something in English..that's not wrong,right?do support me guys..
It's already 11.03 p.m..lets start our ice just like Minggu Suia Kenal..lets me introduce my can call me CHESDI..i'm 22 years old..not too old,right?still young..hehe..but at this age i can get married already..and have a few kids..i'm just kidding..perhaps one day it will happen..who knows,right?i still study..and now i'm part 5 student of Bachelor of Administrative Science and Policy Study in UiTM Kedah..what else to tell about my self?i think that's enough for this time,right?
I think we should stop here..we'll continue on next shaa ALLAH i'll share with you my stories about my life and experience..see you soon..