23 September 2012

Insomnia is back!

Last night i can't sleep tightly..although i tried harder to sleep,i still can't get into my dream..why it happened?is my insomnia is haunting me again?huh!so scary..that's the reason why i not sleep yet..i know i won't get into my dream easily..

I hate insomnia..!

I really need to sleep early so that i can wake up early in the morning..i love to wake up early in the morning..why?it's because i can do many things early in the morning..after prayer i can read Yassin or Al-ma'thurat as for my heart recovering..

Someone has told me that when we read Yassin after or before prayer,it can avoid us from feeling's good,right?let's practice it every morning after perform prayer or maybe before perform prayer..

What else i can do if i wake up early in the morning?i can finish up my assignment..sometime i can tidy up my house..

Do something benefited us in the morning is really should try and feel it..hopefully my insomnia will go away from me soon..i really hope for that..